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Grand Union Water Co is a “Water Merchant & Conservator” covering all aspects of procurement of water & waste-water services in Great Britain.

Director Peter Sceats is Authorised and Regulated by the FINANCIAL CONDUCT AUTHORITY under Controlled Function ‘CS30 Customer’ Ref # PXS01521. Peter worked on the UK Government’s Water White Paper in 2010/11 which is the basis of the new competitive market and sits on the All Party Parliamentary Water Group. Grand Union Water Co. operates in an ethical and regulated manner with crystal clear fees and documentation. Grand Union Water Co. adheres to the Water Procurement Advisor Code of Conduct.

Grand Union additionally conceived the “GB Virtual Water Main” bulk-water balancing concept and  consults to government agencies and water companies on wholesale water risk management matters.

We place our integrity at the heart of everything we do. We believe in conducting ourselves in an ethical manner and are passionate about water conservation. Our management team, our associates and partners are among those who believe in the power of business and capitalism to do good things for society.

Peter SceatsPeter Sceats

Peter Sceats has traded, brokered and consulted across electricity, gas, coal and water.

As a management consultant he has specialised in new markets, business start-ups and the formation of commodity indices.

Beginning with UK agricultural indices and real estate linked benchmarks, Peter went on to develop the Tradition Energy European Gas and Electricity indices, the Month Ahead Gas Index of Italy and the API coal indices upon which the international coal market is based and all European coal power stations and Atlantic Basin coal mines are valued. The coal indices he founded currently benchmark around $300 billion in international trade.

Peter input to the Japanese energy suppliers and the government with his “Liberalising Energy Markets: What to Expect and How to Handle it” programme. He set up risk management, trading and sales businesses for Gerald Ltd/Man Group, RWE, BHP Billiton and Tradition Group.

Peter was for five and a half years “Co-ordinator of European Markets” for one of the world’s largest Energy Advisors procuring electricity and gas for medium and large scale energy consumers. In 2016 he resigned that consultancy to focus on Grand Union Water to work directly with the business community.

He began his work in the water markets in 2010 inputting a model for a competitive water market in the UK to the Water White Paper that is seen as the blue print for the Water Act of 2014.

Pete is (still) a scooter riding Mod, plays the guitar and sings really loudly.

Bernadette Barrett

Bee previously worked for Nationwide Building Society and Lloyds Register of Shipping. She came to the utilities market via Peter Sceats & Associates where she was office manager. At Grand Union she is responsible for marketing, database management, editing and publication of The Aqueduct: The Newsletter of the British Open Water Market.

Bee has a Weimaraner called Echo Wiggins who is very excited nearly all of the time.

Hermon Bindra

Hermon held senior account manager positions with Estée Lauder and Tradition Energy. At TE she was responsible for all support functions concerning European business. Starting with a part-time externship to Grand Union, she is currently on Maternity Leave and will join the Management Team of Grand Union on her return to work and will be responsible for all tendering, water pricing matters and supplier interaction with the water retailers.

H is a budding yogi that loves movies, cooking, travelling, and fashion.

The rest of the team

Mike, Michael, Austin, Tim, Alison, Emma, Scott, Brian, Tony and Charlotte handle all our other functions such as lead generation, referrals, sales, research, website, book-keeping and transaction support.  Wayne and Sarah take care of Workshop Water 20/20 and other Grand Union events.


The UK Water Act 2014 established the framework to create a market that will allow millions of businesses across Great Britain to choose their supplier of water & waste-water retail services via a competitive market opening April 2017. In Wales only consumers with a usage of 50,000 M3 a year can switch supplier.

Grand Union Water Co. offer a simple THREE STEP APPROACH to reducing water consumption and water costs:

Step #1 Water Bill Validation

To identify specifics of site water use and reclaim water company overcharge

Step #2 Water Audit

To identify consumption reduction opportunity with clear recommendations based on retrofit return on investment

Step #3 Water Tender

To encourage ALL water retailers to compete for our client’s business and identify the best supplier in an ethical manner providing an audit trail justifying recommendation

The Aqueduct: The Newsletter of the British Open Water Market

Grand Union additionally owns a water newsletter “The Aqueduct: The Newsletter of the British Open Water Market” and operates Workshop Water: 20/20 education and forum events incorporating the Westminster Water Consumer Forum with Lord Mackenzie of Framwellgate OBE.


While the water procurement market opens GB-wide in Apr-17, Scotland is already open.

The Bill Validation and Water Audit steps ideally take place before the Water Procurement step.

On enquiry we set out a WATER ACTION PLAN giving clear and pragmatic steps to billing rebates, consumption reduction options and reducing water rates.


The UK competitive water market actually started in Scotland and the change to the water market in England and to an extent Wales, is largely an extension of the pioneering Scottish experience. The new market will not initially extend to Northern Ireland.

Grand Union Water Co. is a partnership registered at 26 York Street London W1 and our London  meeting rooms are in Old Queen Street, Westminster.


Business users have the opportunity to reclaim billing overcharge, reduce water consumption, reduce the cost of water & waste-water services, and have consolidated billing (one bill for multi- site consumers).

How Much

In the first phase of the Scottish market, consumers made annual savings of anywhere between 2.5% and 12.5%. When the English market fully opens, multiple water & waste-water companies could be competing for our client’s business. It is reasonable to assume savings will be forthcoming, but an exact quote cannot be specifically forecasted without seeing water bills and running a site-specific tender.

It is not unreasonable to think that savings made thru lower water rates could be doubled or significantly amplified by accompanying consumption reduction measures.

Grand Union Water Co. levies fees that are simple, crystal clear and based on:

  • Share of Savings and no upfront fees, or
  • A modest annual retainer or capped fee per tender, or
  • A combination of above (whatever works best for the client and is mutually agreeable)

Our tenders are distributed to ALL licensed water & waste water retailers in Great Britain.

For clients who prefer to undertake procurement processes in-house, we also provide project consultancy to support procurement staff.


Grand Union Water Co. does not have any sweetheart deals, kick-back arrangement or exclusivity with any water retailer. We never will. Exclusivity between a supplier and an advisor does not promote competition or clarity. Any element of exclusivity or sweetheart arrangement between a supplier and an advisor is against the spirit and very concept of the market.

Grand Union Water Co. is co-founder of the WATER PROCUREMENT ADVISOR CODE OF CONDUCT. Before engaging Grand Union or any other water advisor (or energy advisor claiming to cover water) request a written response to the Code of Conduct’s bullet points.

Beyond the agreed fee or share of savings, with Grand Union there are no hidden commissions, no other tender costs or unnecessary complexity or any of that dodgy nonsense you see in the energy space.

What Else

In addition to our Three Step Approach of Bill Validation, Water Audit and Ethical Procurement, Grand Union Water Co. is proud to also provide the water conservancy products of our cooperation partners, Energy Advisor Health Checks, Expert Witness Services (in Energy Advisor Litigation), and via our partners: Triad mitigation in the form of on-site generation, Demand Response and site scale batteries as well as LEDs.

Common Sense, logic, a sense of humour and the idea that the client always comes first are provided free of charge.


Switchboard: +44 (0)207 101 4714

Email: info@grandunionwater.co

Registered Office: Grand Union Water Co., 26 York Street  London  W1


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